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Pipe Straightening Machine

Pipe Straightening Machine

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This machine is a vertical tube and bar straightening machine, which is made up of horizontal crossover arrangement of straightening rollers and full drive in both directions. The pass of straightening rollers is elliptical translation curve, which is used to straighten the bending degree of all kinds of pipes (bars), so as to ensure that there is no screw indentation, scratch and other defects on the surface of straightened materials, and improve the ellipticity of section.

Straightened pipe and rod materialFerrous or nonferrous metals
Diameter of the barΦ16-Φ40
Diameter of the pipeΦ20-Φ60
transmission ratio10.35
Straightening speed22-32m/min
Roll arrangement2-2-2-2-1
Allowed camber before straightening<30mm/m
Straighten the degree of bending at one time≤0.8mm/m
Number of straightening rollers9
Size of straightening roll (throat diameter x length)Φ150×260
Straightening roll material9Cr2Mo
Main motor modelY160L-6/4
Main motor power9/11 kw , 2 pcs
Outline dimensions of main motor2500×900×1700


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