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Laminated Tube Making Machine

Laminated Tube Making Machine

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The unit mainly includes: automatic unwinding device, butt platform, storage device, automatic trimming mechanism, automatic forming device, high frequency welding mechanism, plastic composite welding mechanism, vertical and horizontal indexing mechanism, automatic pipe feeding mechanism, automatic control tracking rotary cutting device and man-machine interface control system.Adopt non-stop roll changing mechanism, with the highest utilization rate of sheet material, the lowest labor intensity, use safety and so on.

The machine adopts fuzzy control technology, integrating machine, electricity and gas, compared with similar products at home and abroad, it has the characteristics of high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation, automatic fault alarm, non-stop sheet rolling, accurate positioning of rotary cutter, stable performance, simple maintenance and so on. This machine takes aluminum-plastic composite sheet as raw material, adopts high-frequency welding technology, can produce various specifications of composite hose. The product weld is straight and firm, cutting off accurately, and the length is consistent.

Power of The Main Machine2.2kW
Motor Power of The Cutting Device1.0kW
Power of High Frequency Welding15.0kW
Power Supply380(220)v/50Hz
Productivity120 (pcs) /min


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