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Busbar Processing Machine

Busbar Processing Machine

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The shearing unit adopts universal double-knife shearing, the notch is smooth and free of burrs.
The hook-type open bending station is simple and convenient to operate, and can process special back-shaped small bending, embossing, vertical bending, etc.
The bending unit adopts horizontal processing, which is safer and more convenient during processing, and can complete U-shaped bends with a minimum size of 3.5MM.
The working stroke of each processing unit can be easily adjusted, reducing auxiliary processing time and improving production efficiency.

The busbar processing machine has three processing units: cutting, punching, and bending. The main function is to process copper and aluminum busbars of different specifications. Only the corresponding processing unit can be used to cut copper and aluminum busbars conveniently and quickly. Cutting, punching (round hole, waist hole), folding flat bending, vertical bending, embossing, flattening, twisting twist, pressing cable joints and other processing.

Maximum punching force300kn
Punching range4.3-25mm
Maximum processing width150mm
Maximum processing thickness12mm
Maximum shear force400kn
Maximum shear thickness12mm
Maximum cutting width150mm
Maximum bending force300kn
Maximum bending width150mm
Maximum bending thickness12mm


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