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BO-LJ300 Aluminum Continuous Extrusion Machine (Production Line)

BO-LJ300 Aluminum Continuous Extrusion Machine (Production Line)

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The operation section consists of compaction roller, extrusion wheel, cavity and stock guide. There is a annular groove around the extrusion wheel. The copper bar is fed from the groove. When the shoe installed with the feed guide and the cavity closes and compacts, the cambered surface of the feed guide and cavity should coincide with the circumference of the extrusion wheel and maintain a reasonable working clearance. The extrusion wheel rotates under the drive of the spindle motor and the copper bar compacted by the compaction roller in the annular groove is fed continuously under the action of friction. The movement of the bar in the groove is obstructed in front of the striker plate in the cavity, which will make the bar heat and deform so as to be extruded into the cavity. In the cavity, the heated and deformed bar will be squeezed out through the extrusion die to form products. The sectional dimension and shape of the product depends upon the die. The products of different specifications can be produced through simple change of dies.

No.Configuration nameQuantity
1Pay-off  for aluminum rod1
3Straighten and cleaning machine1
4Main machine1
5Lubrication and hydraulic device1
6Cooling circulating system(internal)1
7Tension and meter device1
8Take-up machine2
9Electrical control system1
10Spare part for free Extrusion wheel   1pcs     ,   Scraper      1pcs Guide plate       2pcs     ,   Seals        1sets Dies             3pcs     ,   Chamber     2pcs1 set
Wheel Diameter300mm
Power of the main motor110KW
Rotating speed of the extruding machine4-22.5m/rpm
Surplus material rate1-3%
Diameter of aluminum rodΦ9.5 or 12mm
Sectional Area Range of Extruded Products5-150mm2
Maximum diameter12mm
Width of Extruded Products4-32mm
Thickness of Extruded Products1-10mm
Scope of the diameter of the circular pipe6-20mm
Power SupplyAC 380 V, 3 Phases, 50 Hz, 150KVA
Mini mun of the thickness of the circular pipe0.7mm


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