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Automatic Stainless Steel Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

Automatic Stainless Steel Laser Pipe Cutting Machine

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The cutting speed is fast, the efficiency is high, labor is saved, and the efficiency of cutting pipes is improved.
The cutting speed and productivity depend on the length of the pipe to be cut, the wall thickness of the pipe and the feeding speed of the operator. The average cutting time of skilled workers only needs about 1 second.
Compared with other cutting machines, such as hob cutters, the incision is easy to deform, manual saw blades are slow, tungsten steel saw blades will be polluted if water is added, saw blades are cut with burrs and saw blades consume relatively high consumption.
The laser tube cutting machine has low power consumption, and its consumables are much lower than general processing equipment, and it is more convenient to maintain.

The machine adopts intelligent laser cutting head, professional laser tube cutting system, automatic chuck, high-speed rotation processing tube, chipless cutting, high-quality products.

Pipe diameter range19-60mm
Raw material length1800mm-6200mm
Pipe wall thickness0.2mm-3.0mm
Cutting length1000mm
Cutting accuracy0.1mm
Cutting seam width0.1mm-0.2mm
Feeding speed90m/min
Laser power1kw


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