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Aluminum Extrusion Press Machine

Aluminum Extrusion Press Machine

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The aluminum extruder is the main machine, which is the power device for extruding the profile.
User to provide working medium: anti-wear hydraulic oil N68, about 2500L one time.
Power facilities provided by > users: 380V±10%; 50HZ 90KW.
Cooling water source: cooling water quality: pH 6-8.
Cooling water temperature: ≤30℃.
Circulating water flow: ≥10m3/ hour.
Circulating water pressure: 0.2-0.3MPa.
Aluminum ingots diameterΦ90mm
Length of aluminum ingots200~550mm
The inner diameter of containerΦ95mm
Length of container550mm
Output port sizeΦ140×160mm
Electric power380V±10%;50HZ    90KW
Height of main engine center950mm
Extrusion power645T
Rated system pressure21MPa
Conventional aluminum bar specificationsφ90mm×(200-550)mm
Machine dimensions7m×3.2m×2.8m
Main cylinder plunger diameterφ600mm
Main cylinder extrusion pressure590t
Side cylinder diameterφ125mm/φ90mm
Side cylinder extrusion pressure50t
Lock force of extrusion cylinder103t
Shear mechanism diameter of oil cylinderΦ125mm / Φ90mm
Shear force (working pressure 14MPa)17T
The extrusion speed0.2-8.6mm/s(adjustable) constant rate extrusion
Fast forward speed295mm/s
Fast speed back208mm/s
Opening speed of extrusion barrel175mm/s
Closing speed of extrusion cylinder152mm/s
Scissor descent rate400mm/s
Scissor rising speed500mm/s


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