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Water Chiller BO-10A

Water Chiller BO-10A

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The unit adopts 380V, three-phase, four-wire, 50Hz directly grounded AC sy stem, voltage variation range ±5%. The power cables inside the unit shall be arranged according to the national safety standards; Main electrical components should be used in France Schneider, the United States of Bang pu and other international famous brands, the computer control system of the unit according to the change of load, automatically load or unload adjust the output of unit cooling capacity, so that the cooling capacity and the actual cooling and heat load accurately match. Make the compressor always maintain the highest efficiency, high efficiency and energy saving; Compressor start interval time is set to reduce the impact of simultaneous start on the electrical system; The control system adopts the whole Chinese display controller, can realize the remote control, with user level password and factory level password double protection function, more security.

The power supply3-50-380P-HZ-V
Total power consumed10.3kw
Maximum operating current19.8A
Refrigerating capacity28.1kw
Compressor power7.5kw
Condenser fan1.5kw
Cooling air volume10000m3/h
Refrigerant charge6kg
The pump power1.3kw
The pump flow5m3/h
Water tank size180L
Size of machine1430*790*1530mm
Expansion valveEMERSONAmerica
Filter dryerEMERSONAmerica
Microcomputer controllerPUNPUAmerica
The compressorPANASONICJapan


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