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Plastic Granulator

Plastic Granulator

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Plastic granulator is used for all kinds of plastic granulator, mainly for ABS, PP, PS, PP-R, PET, ABS+PC, POM and other plastic granulator. Features.
Screw carefully researched and designed, the whole machine and all parts are equipped with reasonable, the line adopts three fire one zero heating.
The screw is designed for the characteristics of the material, with high output, good luster of the material and full particles. The configuration of the whole machine is increased, and the service life of the equipment is increased. The appearance is rationalized.
Reasonable design of the equipment to increase production, the value of the product, reduce maintenance time, reduce maintenance costs.
Granulating machine has the characteristics of low energy consumption, reducer and motor with large torque, this machine is specially designed screw, with no dead Angle BuKa iron effect, effectively improve the production capacity, increase plastic plasticizing effect, has a single exhaust, double exhaust structure, dry, wet materials, materials can fully drainage exhaust, the particles of strong full gloss.
High quality electrical and driving equipment, so that the machine equipment in use more safe and reliable.
The screw diameter100mm
The screw diameter110mm
The range of the materialABS,PE,PP
Size of machine3200*1500*2300mm
Number of rotating knife24pcs
Aperture of sieve plate10mm


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