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Laser Marking Machine

Laser Marking Machine

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Use fiber laser to output laser, and then realize marking function through high-speed scanning galvanometer system.
The fiber laser marking machine has high electro-optical conversion efficiency and adopts air-cooled cooling method. The whole machine is small in size, good in output beam quality and high in reliability.
It can engrave metal materials and some non-metal materials, and the fiber laser adopts an integrated integral structure. Structure, no optical pollution and power coupling loss, air cooling, high efficiency, long life and low maintenance performance.
The laser marking machine has high photoelectric conversion rate, long service life, easy maintenance and fast marking speed, which greatly improves the processing efficiency. High-precision positioning technology, high-speed focusing and scanning system, laser beam fundamental mode, short pulse, high peak power, high repetition rate, bring perfect marking effect to customers.

Laser marking machines are mainly used in some occasions requiring finer and higher precision. Used in electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications, hardware products, tool accessories, precision equipment, glasses and watches, jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipes.

Laser wavelength1064NM
Beam qualityM2<1.2M2<1.2M2<1.5
repeat frequency20-100KHZ
Maximum line speed800MM/S
Marking rangeStandard100MM*100MM≤300MM*300MM Larger size can be customized
Minimum line width0.012MM
Minimum character0.15w0.15w0.18w
power consumption300w500w800w
cooling methodWind cooling
electricity demand220v/50hz


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