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Hydraulic Gate Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Gate Shearing Machine

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1.Tool holder:The tool holder is a steel plate welded structure with good rigidity, especially the rollers and oil cylinders are supported to complete the upper and lower shearing, which can well ensure the quality of the shearing section of the sheet material, and have no influence on each other. The tool holder runs smoothly and smoothly. The impact is small, and the precision of the machine tool can be well guaranteed and improved.
2.Hydraulic system:The system structure is an integrated valve block type. The whole system has a simple structure, convenient adjustment and maintenance, and reliable performance.
3.Pressing device:It consists of a pressing oil cylinder installed on the support plate in front of the frame. After the pressing oil cylinder is fed with oil, the pressing head presses down after overcoming the tension of the tension spring to press the sheet material. After the shearing is completed, with the help of the pressure spring tension and reset.
4.Edge clearance adjustment device:Taking the three-point support shaft installed at the rear and bottom of the tool holder as the eccentric axis, it is fine-tuned and controlled by the front manual adjustment gap hand wheel. Therefore, the gap between the upper and lower blades is changed, the structure is simple, and the operation is fast and convenient.
5.Rear gear:The back gauge device of the machine is placed on the upper and lower tool rests, and moves up and down with the upper tool rest. The adjustment of the back gauge is controlled by the system to drive 0.37KW electrically, and is driven by the lead screw after being decelerated by the gear. control. The adjustment range of the back gauge is 10~700mm, and it can be adjusted arbitrarily within this range.
6.Electrical System:The main electrical components in the electrical system are the Chint Electric. Excellent quality components and careful design ensure the machine has high reliability and longevity.It is composed of control electrical cabinet, intermediate connecting line, control panel, main and auxiliary motors, foot switch and other devices, with high safety factor and excellent overall performance.
7.CNC device:Special numerical control device for MD11 shearing machine of Hong Kong San yuan Group Rear gauge display position XMD11.Professional control function;

This hydraulic gate shearing machine adopts all-steel welding structure, the shearing adopts hydraulic transmission, the upper tool rest adopts hand wheel type clearance adjustment mechanism, and the return adopts nitrogen return. The rear gear incline adopts motorized quick adjustment, MD11 numerical control control, and digital display.

1Maximum plate thickness20mm
2Maximum board widthф1.0-2.5mm
3Shear strength450N/mm²
4Shear angle3°(adjustable
5Shear speedcut12/min
6Full length of blade2600mm
7Distance between columns2780mm
8Workbench height from the ground800mm
9System maximum pressure20MPa
10Motor Power22KW
11Rotating speed1440r/min


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