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Copper Ball Rolling Mill

Copper Ball Rolling Mill

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Using unmanned control, the whole line has a high degree of automation, close coordination, automatic tracking of the ball machine, no personnel operation, stable output, and low failure rate.
With multiple protection devices, after years of research, the safety performance is extremely high and it has the international advanced level.
Equipped with split electrical control cabinet, which is beautiful and convenient for operation and maintenance.
The robot has a detection device, which automatically judges and excludes defective products, and the product does not need to be manually tested again.
The mold has a long life and is easy to replace.
Working environment: temperature 5 degrees to 40 degrees.
Power supply: 380V±5%, 50HZ (Can be customized as per your requirements).

This copper ball high-speed rolling mill machine is our company's equipment for copper balls with diameters of Φ25, Φ26 and Φ28. Through computer control, it automatically feeds from the discharge tray, CNC precision feeding, straightening, cutting, and punching; this machine does not require Manual operation, stable quality, multiple protection links, safe and reliable.

Decoiler (3 tons) → automatic feeder → straightening → cutting → automatic clamping device → upsetting forming → hopper

Main motor power:31kw
Diameter range:14mm~60mm
Working speed:32pieces/min
Maximum extrusion power≥50ton
Control system:PLC
Remote control:Touching screen
Driven systemPressure Sensor
Hydraulic system oil32#
Hydraulic system Maximum pressure12MP
Hydraulic system Capacity8m3
Copper bar/rod length:1-10m
Power requirement380V±5%,50HZ
Suitable temperature≤50℃
Compressed air requirement0.4-0.6MPa
Dimension (L x W x H):3100x1600x1900mm


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