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Compressor Pallet Lifter

Compressor Pallet Lifter

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The scissor-type bracket structure has better overall stability and the platform is always level.
The shock absorber plays a mitigating effect, makes the platform more stable, and improves the safety performance of the vehicle.
The base is designed with tooth slot, which is convenient for overall movement, handling and loading and unloading, and it is safer to use.
Use quick-plug fixing bolts to reinforce the scissor bracket to avoid accidental landing of the scissor.

Lifts are widely used in many fields such as factories, warehouses, docks, parking lots, workshops, airports, ports and other places. With the development of the economy, the use of lifts in various industries is becoming more and more extensive.

Rated carrying weight1000kg
table size1110mm
Base size915*934mm
Static height of table240mm
Height of table top705mm
net weight125kg


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