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Angle Steel Flange Electric Hydraulic Riveting Machine

Angle Steel Flange Electric Hydraulic Riveting Machine

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High production efficiency
Low noise
Easy maintenance

This equipment is one of the necessary machines for ventilation installation projects, and is suitable for riveting the flanges of ventilation ducts. It is characterised by high production efficiency, convenience, compactness, flexibility of operation, low noise and easy maintenance. The machine consists of a pump station, riveting pliers, electrical box and high pressure hose. The motor directly drives the axial piston pump to produce high pressure oil, which pushes the piston of the single-acting cylinder connected with the riveting clamp to make a working movement for riveting operation. After the operation is completed, the electromagnetic reversing valve is controlled by a button, so that the oil circuit is connected or no-load relief, and the return spring makes the piston reset, completing a working cycle.

1NameAngle Steel FlangeElectricHydraulic RivetingMachine
2Dimension(mm)510x320 x695
5Working thrust(kn)65
6Max.working pressure(mpa)32
7Rated voltage (V)380
8Applicable rivet sizesφ4×10 φ5×10


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