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Air Filter Pleating Machine

Air Filter Pleating Machine

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The pre-slitting paper feeding machine can be adjusted according to different specifications of filter element size, through the stepless speed regulation of the inverter and the cylinder knife, the slitting size can be adjusted accurately, the operation is convenient, the cutting effect is smooth, and the infrared monitoring system is used to make the paper feeding speed Keep the same speed as the printer prints the filter paper.
The folding machine adopts the upper and lower knife alternately to complete the folding work. The knife distance is automatically adjusted by the computer to meet the requirements of various folding heights, and the size is accurate and flat.
The filter paper completes automatic counting, folding processing and preheating and shaping on the folding machine.
This machine is also used for folding iron wire cloth and non-woven cloth on hydraulic filters, and is suitable for multi-layer folding.

The automatic production line of air filter without clapboard combines advanced technology at home and abroad, through several years of practice. Innovation. A new generation of products researched and produced, using microcomputer control, simple operation and maintenance, stable and reliable operation, and used for production. Various specifications of high-efficiency and sub-high-efficiency glass fiber filter element without partitions. The machine is controlled by a microcomputer, and the bus is linked by a servo mechanism. It has the characteristics of simple operation and stable and reliable operation.

Paper feeding speed0.5m/min~12m/min
Adjustable width of filter paper32~1100mm
Air pressure0.6Mpa
Paper folding machine
Maximum product width1050mm
Adjustable folding height range30-100mm
Folding speed0-200 fold/min
Preheating power4kw
Temperature control rangeroom temperature -200 degrees Celsius
Working pressure0.6Mpa
Machine weight7500kg


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