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Glass Cutting Machine BO-CNC1312

Glass Cutting Machine BO-CNC1312

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Equipment frame: The national standard steel has undergone aging treatment, and the marble countertop is placed on the top, which will not be deformed by thermal expansion and contraction.
Cutting knife holder: the knife head rotates 360 degrees, up and down cutting (can accurately cut any straight line and various special-shaped glass).
Mesa: Marble.
Positioning: Mechanical positioning.
Oil supply method: Pneumatic automatic oiling. Synchronized with lower knife.
With the lower knife limit protection function.
It can automatically calculate the production capacity function.
With a variety of cutting gallery. (convenient for drawing and operation).
Compatible with AUTO CAD drawing software.
With automatic correction function. Ensure cutting accuracy.
Cut path selection function. Ensure optimum cutting speed.
Automatic adjustment of cutting knife pressure, fast, accurate and stable.
Automatic pressure for special-shaped cutting, which can quickly and effectively ensure the cutting effect.
Operation input: keyboard and mouse. Chinese/English dialogue interface.
With special-shaped cutting knife pressure automatic adjustment function, to ensure the best cutting effect.
Special-shaped template scanning: It has the function of converting various (including special-shaped) templates into CAD graphics after point-by-point scanning.
Optimized pressure and speed: According to the graph, straight line, arc, inner curve, outer curve starting point and end point; the acceleration section, the deceleration section and other automatic optimization and adjustment to output the most suitable pressure and speed.

This machine uses of imported screw and square guide high-performance parts, the application of CAD drawing launched a new concept of glass cutting machine, with good stability, high precision, good stability, each function to achieve the index. Mobile phone glass, photoelectric glass, cosmetic mirror glass, disc glass, clock glass, process glass and other different kinds of glass cutting demand, can replace the expensive imported CNC equipment, its super cost performance and stability is the choice of glass deep processing industry equipment.

Thickness of glass0.13mm-6mm
Max glass size1300*1200mm
table height900±50mm
Accuracy for straight line±0.05mm
table flatness±0.015mm
Cutting bridge speed0-100m/min
Compressed air0.6PA


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