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Steel Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine Send to Turkey

Aug 19, 2022 73

Product Description

Auto parts steel tube pipe wire straightening and cutting machine

1. The whole process of processing adopts PLC program control, Englishinterface screen display instructions, automatic feeding,straightening, cutting, blanking, and the cutting is smooth without burrs.
2.There are two types of cutting methods with cross-section: upper and lower cutting method; coaxial clamping method (for 
short material flat cutting)
3. The equipment has a number of safety precautions, electronic control facilities and alarm/alarm
lights, and Chinese on-screen display function to ensure operator safety, equipment operation stability and product
qualification rate.
4.The operation is simple, the application is convenient and safe, easy to learn and understand.
5. Low noise, linear cutting stepless adjustment depending on the material;
6. Compact structure, stable operation and easy maintenance.
7. The equipment is fully steel structure, the surface of the parts is chrome plated. Sheet metal paint treatment protection.
8. The equipment is small, small footprint, easy to disassemble.

Auto parts steel tube pipe wire straightening and cutting machine

1. It can straighten and cut the metal wire and metal capillary products with a wire diameter of 1-6 mm.
2. Straightening and cutting segments to achieve program control, high precision, straightforward and efficient.
3. The equipment has stable performance and is easy to operate.
4. The cut wire has no distortion, no break, and the cut is smooth, and the surface is smooth and free from scratch damage. .
5. Feeding speed can be stepless speed regulation according to different materials.
6. It can achieve one person to operate multiple devices, high production efficiency.
Main Technical data ofAuto parts steel tube pipe wire straightening and cutting machine

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