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Jul 01, 2022 57

Product Description

High-speed paper cup making machine is a machine that have double turntable, dual-segment high performance with functions of automatic paper fan feeding, imported heater side seal, cup top lubrication, automatic bottom paper feeding, double curling artwork, automatic cup collecting and stock. It can make cups both single PE and double PE, for cold drinks and hot drinks. 

1. The core components adopt double-open cam technology, machine performance is more stable and life time is longer. 

2. High-power servo motor makes bottom paper feeding more accurately, hot air heating system to make cup bottom sealing in high quality. 

3. Machine has double stations for curling, pre-curling and final-curling, makes the curling of the cup more beautiful and increate the stability of curling quality. 

4.The machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen, and has a encoder to control the working of ultrasonic, sensors, solenoid value and so on.

1Paper bottomBottomΦ45-65mm; H 60-135mm; Degree 4-7.5°
2Cup size2-16oz
5Suitable Material210-330g/m2 (single PE or double PE paper)
6Air source0.6-0.8mpa 0.5cubic/min
8Package size2800*1400*1700mm
9Total power24KW


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