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Insulated Copper Tube Manufacturing Line Send to Mexico

Sep 09, 2022 12

The chipless tube straightening and cutting machine is specially designed for the processing of aluminum and copper tubes, mainly used for the bending of condensers and evaporators or tube blanking in the welding process.

Compared with ordinary two and a half tightening dies , According to the structure of the lathe chuck, the clamping die of three parts is designed to minimize the deformation of the pipe fittings during the chip cutting process, and the clamping die replacement and adjustment is easier. The integrated tube end expander has high work efficiency and low labor cost. 

Simple and convenient to operate ▲ High probability air-cooled fan heat

▲ Adjustable lubricating block

▲ The clamping mechanism can easily adjust the clamping opening

▲ The feeding mechanism can effectively ensure the feeding accuracy

▲ The lower cut can effectively ensure the timely response of the upper and lower parts

No.projectParameters and specifications
2Applicable pipeSteel pipe, copper pipe, aluminum pipe, Bundy tube
3Pipe processing range桅4-桅20
4Uncoiler length40mm~9999mm
5One time Uncoiler quantity1+1steel
6Output Power3.6KW
7Feeding speedFastest 60m per minute
8operating systemTouch screen PLC servo feeding
9Operation modeAutomatic
10Surface conditionNo obvious pulling, scratching, crushing and knurling scratches on the surface of the tube
11Input voltage380V,three phase voltage,50Hz
12working pressure0.6~0.8Mpa


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