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Aug 26, 2022 25

This hydraulic high-speed punching machine is widely used in punching and cutting stainless steel materials also for zinc steel, aluminum alloy, steel pipe, welded pipe, seamless pipe, square pipe, round pipe, flat iron, channel steel, Angle iron).

This machine can be apply to fan factory, air conditioning parts factory, antenna factory, shelf factory, metal furniture factory, automobile parts factory, building materials production enterprises and other hardware pipe fittings, profile punching processing.

1. Whole machine large-scale gantry milling

2. Using 6M linear guide, smooth operation

3.The box is made of stainless steel to prevent the box from rusting, and the corners are passivated to prevent cuts

4. Feeding hole: can be carried out by multi-station colleagues according to needs


1. Half hole and through hole can be reached on a pipe with equal or unequal distance.2. The sequence of punching and cutting can be reversed High automation, saving labor forces and no loss of raw materials.

3. Customers can store 100 production orders to reduce the trouble and errors for the following re-production.

4. The number of holes is calculated automatically according to the hole distance.

5. The size of the reserved parts at both ends of the pipe can be adjusted.

6. The feeding speed can be adjusted in 6-20 seconds according to the size of the material.

CNC ModelModel1Model2Model3
Working Efficiency (S)0.8s/hole
Pressure (Mpa)90138200
Preset pressure(Mpa)100
Cylinder stroke(MM)100100120
Cylinder specifications(RO)80~100100~100120
Servomotor power (W)7507501500
Working length(MM)600060006000
Motor power(KW)7.5~15
Accurancy (MM)±0.1
Control Voltage(V)DC~24
Control MethodTouch screen CNC automatic
Punching Thickness(MM)
Same time working quantity1月12日
Processing specificationso80/80*80 (support customization)
Cooling methodAir cooled circulation system


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