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High Pressure PU Polyurethane Foam Injection Machine Send to United Arab Emirates

May 20, 2022 91

Product Description

High Pressure PU Foaming Injection Machine Equipment Characteristic: 

1, High precision bent-axial type constant delivery pumps, accurate measurement, stable operation; 

2, Magnetic coupling coupler with high tech permanent magnetic control, no temperature rise, no leakage; 

3, High precision self clean high-pressure mixing head, high pressure injection, and impingement mixing, extremely high mixing uniformity, use no scrap, free cleaning, maintenance free. High strength material manufacturing, long service life; 

4, AB material needle valves locked after balanced, ensuring no difference between AB material pressure; 

5, Mixing head adopts double proximity switch control interlock function; 6, Raw material timing cycle function ensures no crystallization during downtime; 

6, Full digitalization, modular integrated control all process flow, accurate, safe, intuitive, intelligent, humanization.

2Injection capacity range50g/s-500kg/s (can be customized)
3Arm2.3 meters ( can be customized)
4Rated power30KW
5Temperature control power2*9KW
6Tank capacity250L ( can be customized)
7Mixing system rotation speed2800-5000 r/min
8Compressed air requiredDry, no oil, 0.6-0.8MPa
9Motor power380V, 50Hz, 3 phase ( can be customized)
10Dimension3600mm x 1250mm x 2300mm

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