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Copper Electrolysis Machine for Etching Liquid Recycling Send to Peru

Aug 04, 2023 4

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1. The electrolyzed copper material can be directly put into the anode frame for electrolysis without smelting. 2. No unpleasant and toxic gas is produced during the electrolysis process, and the air on site is fresh. 3. The electrolytic liquid uses water-soluble acid liquid, the acid concentration is very low, there is no direct harm to the human body, and the operation is safe. 4. The cost of electrolysis of one ton of high-purity copper plates can achieve low energy consumption and high output value. 5. The whole set of electrolytic copper equipment is widely used and can be used for waste copper-containing liquid, crushed copper powder, copper alloy particles, and scrap copper for gold plating. silver. Nickel and other waste products, truly realize a multi-purpose machine.

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