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Condenser Evaporator Steel Bundy Aluminum Copper Pipe Tube Swaging Shrinking Necking End Forming Machine Send to India

Sep 16, 2022 24

Automatic Shrinking machine is specially used to narrow the diameter of copper, aluminum or steel pipe in order to make good connection during condenser and evaporator manufacturing. It is with PLC control, auto feeding, auto shrinking and auto discharging, easy operation, high efficiency.

1Input voltage3 phase 4 lines, 50HZ
2Pipe diameter range4-20mm
3Working pressure0.5-0.6Mpa
4Shrinking lengthNormal type 5-50mm
5Shrinking lengthExtended type 10-95mm
6Speed10-30 pieces / min
7Pipe length range60-305mm
8Bore control range桅1.9~桅10卤0.05
9OperationManual feeding, automatic shrinking

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