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Condenser Evaporator Copper Aluminum Tube U Return Elbow Welding Brazing Equipment Machine Send To Kyrgyzstan

Jun 24, 2022 66

Product Description

Condenser&evaporator tube welding tools equipment machine Through the automatic control of the welding process through the equipment, the accurate control of the welding heating time and filler time and filling amount, and the effective control of the multistage pressure of the gas, make the welding temperature and welding pool forming a good control, and ensure the quality stability and consistency of welding.

Machine platformmachine length10M(standard model can be increased due to production)
input platform4M
Welding chamber1850*1400*3200mm(exclude exhaust hood)
Output platform4.25M
Transport platform height400mm
Driving systemDelivery motor speed0~3000mm(variable frequency control speed)
Feeder speed control flame array up/down control380V, 50Hz, 3Phae (Customized)
Rise and fall speed250mm/min
Burn the main source of gas.LPG gas(coal gas)1.5 Kg/ cm2
pipe-line gas1 Kg/ cm2
compressed air4~6 Kg/ cm2
OtherSupport rod seat38.1 mm round tube


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