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Specification For Winding Machine

Specification For Winding Machine

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The company is responsible for arranging projects and guiding customers to install and debug equipment.
The company trains the relevant staff of customers free of charge to enable them to operate independently and process qualified products.
The company shall input the procedure according to the customer form and train the customer's trainees on the method of inputting the procedure.
The company trains customer operators on precautions for using and maintaining equipment.
Ensure that the design, manufacture and acceptance of contract goods meet the relevant requirements of customers.
The warranty period of the contract goods is 12 months after the acceptance of the contract goods. After the warranty period, the company will provide after-sales service for life.

Controller: Taiwan delta bus system; Touch screen: Taiwan delta 7-inch touch screen; Servo motor: Set Wantaida 750W two sets; Taiwan Delta 3.0kw two sets; Taiwan Delta 3.0kw one set with brake; Guide rail: Taiwan Shangyin; Screw rod: Taiwan TBI; Cylinder: Taiwan Yadeke pneumatic components; Sensor: Panasonic; Switching power supply: Mingwei; Power switch: Chint.

Allen wrench: 1 set; Cross screwdriver: 1; Slotted screwdriver: 1; Open end wrench 5.5 * 7:1; Open end wrench 8 * 10:1; Outlet nozzle barrel: 2; Operating instructions: 1.

Scope of application of the machine:Electric tools, water pumps, stepping motors, vacuum cleaner motors, road gates and hoists are applicable but not limited to the winding of brushless motors.
Machine Description:The machine is a 2-position model, which can wind two stators at the same time, and can be wound in double lines; The machine is winding at high speedAt the same time, the winding process can be controlled and processed, the 5-axis synchronous and orderly winding can be carried out, and the special process with high winding requirements can be achieved; The machine adopts servo precise positioning, and the control system adopts the most advanced delta bus, with large load, fast speed and high precision. It can automatically wind the wire head and tail, automatically wind the wire, automatically arrange the wire, automatically rotate the position and automatically clip and cut. It only needs manual loading and unloading and wire breaking alarm.
Equipment features:The machine supports customized non-standard large-diameter iron core winding solution, can change outlet tooling at both ends, and supports thick wire, double wire and three wire. The tensile force exceeds 6kg, and the 4-36 slots change infinitely.
Wire DiaФ0.08-Ф1.8mm
Stator outer diaФ20mm-130mm
Stator inner diaФ12mm-100mm
Stator thickness5-60mm
Optional wheelbase230mm 305mm
Drive servo3000Wx1
transposition servo3000W x2
Layout servo750Wx2
air pressure7kg/cm²
Voltage3 Phase 380V 50 15A


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