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It is suitable for diameter 3-25mm ball blank's flashing and cutting process.
Vertical structure and big circulation processing.
Main driving frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.
Hydraulic driving is used for adding pressure, accumulator is used for keeping pressure.
Have automatic trouble alarm and trouble display.
Eccentric dynamic compression, make sure even load between two plates.
Independent electric cabinet, there has digital speed meter on the panel.
Vertical structure, eccentric dynamic compression, make sure even load between two plates.
Frequency conversion stepless regulation is adopted in rotation of main spindle and ball feeder.
Electrical system is controlled by PC, ball pile switch is set in the ball inlet.
Operation buttons adopt cantilever type function, very easy to operate.
Cooling system use three reluctances, dust absorption is thoroughly.
This machine is used to improve the hardness and strength of ball surface.
This machine is used to washing the finished products.

The machine is suitable for soft grinding and hard grinding 3~25mm steel balls. The machine is with high cutting efficiency. It is realized one worker can watch many sets at same time.

The machine is suitable for fine lapping and super fine lapping 3~25mm steel balls after hard grinding in bearing factories and steel ball factories.

Ball size range to be processed:3~25mm
Size of flashing palte (D*d*h):800×360×100mm
Speed of main spindle:60/130r/min
Max. working pressure:300KN
Max. capacity of ball feeder:400kg
Speed of main spindle:90-130r/min
Speed offeeding ball guide link:0.03-0.42r/min
Main motor power:37kw
Feeding ball guide link drive motor:0.55kw
Feeding ball guide link lifting motor:0.37kw
Hydraulic oil pump motor:2.2kw
Water pump motor:0.25kw
Machine dimension:1830*3220*2110mm
Machine weight:5500kg
Ball size range to be processed:3~25mm
Size of grinding wheel(D*d*h):800×360×100mm
Size of stationary plate(D*d*h):800×360×90mm
Speed of main spindle:30-120r/min
Max. working pressure:110KN
Capacity of ball feeder:400kg (according to ball diameter)
Rotate speed of ball feeder:0.016-0.042r/min stepless speed regulating
Main motor power:22kw
Machine dimension:1750*2030*1850mm
Machine weight:4500kg
Ball size range to be processed :3~25mm
Size of lapping palte (D*d*h):800×440×100mm
Speed of main spindle:5~40r/min
Max. working pressure :60KN
Max. capacity of ball feeder:200-250kg
Main motor power:5.5kw
Machine dimension:1810*2283*1980mm
Machine weight:4400kg
Ball size range to be processed:3~8mm
Total motor power:7kw
Ball size range to be processed:3~20mm
Total motor power:4kw


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