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Catalogue Of Horizontal Steel Ball Flashing Machine

Catalogue Of Horizontal Steel Ball Flashing Machine

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Horizontal structure and circulation processing is adopted in the machine.
Low gravity L model structure is designed in the main unit, it is high intensity and good rigidity.
Headstock moving of main spindle is driving by hydraulic and oriented by roll linear guide way.
Adding pressure is separated with sliding organ.
Import bearing is used in main spindle bearing.
Rotating plate radial jump and end jump is controlled within 0.01mm.
Oil splash lubrication is adopted in the main spindle bearing.
Frequency conversion stepless regulation is adopted in rotation of main spindle and ball feeder.
Electrical system is controlled by PC, ball pile switch is set in the ball inlet.
Stop protection device is set in the main spindle.
Resin grinding wheel can be used to grinding instead of lapping.
Horizontal structure and circulation processing is adopted in the machine.
Main unit head is connected with tailstock by bridge board and formed closing frame, it is with good rigidity and high anti-distortion power.
Strengthen beam in the machine bed inner is designed optimization and reasonable layout, increase strength and anti-impact and anti-distortion power.
Main unit is separated with main driving system, double speeds motor is adopted in main driving system, structure of main driving is designed optimization renew.
Flat ball feeder is adopted in the machine, AC. frequency conversion stepless speed regulation is used in the ball feeder's rotating..
A ball flowing slope is set in the ball inlet, the ball can flow into from the ball feeder's tangent.
Hydraulic driving is used for adding pressure, accumulator is used for keeping pressure.

It is suitable for diameter 3-12.7mm ball blank's flashing and cutting process.

Ball size range to be processed:3~12.7mm
Size of flashing palte (D*d*h):800×360×100mm
Speed of main spindle:80/120r/min
Max. working pressure:200KN
Max. capacity of ball feeder:450kg
Speed of main spindle:80-120r/min
Speed ofmaterial plate:0.12-0.84r/min
Main motor power:YD225M-6/4, 26/32kw, 935/1430r/min
Material Plate motor:Y90L6, 1.1kw, 935r/min
Oil pump motor:Y90S4, 1.1kw, 1430r/min
Machine dimension:3300*3300*1900mm
Machine weight:10000kg
Ball size rangeΦ5~φ50mm
Size of flasing plate (D*d*h)800*360*100mm
Max. working pressure300KN
Max. capacity450kg
Rotating disk speed90/135r/min
Feeding plate speed0.12-0.84r/min
Main motor power42/55kw
Rotating disk motor power1.5kw
Oil pump motor power1.5kw
Machine dimension3740*3500*1800mm
FOB price$39,800.00


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