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Lapping and Polishing Machine(double sides)

Lapping and Polishing Machine(double sides)

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Adopt Japanese "SMC" pneumatic components, segmental precision pressure control, suitable for rough grinding, medium grinding, fine grinding, polishing and other processes.
Adopt touch screen man-machine interface, Switzerland "ABB", PLC program control system to ensure the stability and safety of the machine tool, the system is compatible with the grating thickness control system, the resolution reaches 0.001, and the product thickness tolerance after processing can be controlled within the range of ± 0.002mm Within, the flatness tolerance can be controlled in the range of ± 0.001mm.
The Japanese "NSK" spindle shaft system is adopted to ensure the precision and durability of the machine tool.
The fast lifting, fast lowering, slow rising and slow lowering of the upper plate are concentrated on one handle, which is more convenient to operate.
The unique safety locking mechanism prevents accidents such as "dropping disk" and hurting people due to accidental gas and power failure.
The unique automatic floating positioning device of the upper plate reduces the trouble of wrong plate and plate alignment.
The semi-automatic lifting system of the ring gear and the water retaining plate is convenient for picking and placing the workpiece and the occlusal gear, and also meets the requirements of changing the occlusal position of the cruise ship.
The operation of the whole machine is driven by an independent motor, so that the upper plate, the lower plate, the center wheel, and the speed can achieve the best ratio, and the cruise ship can achieve forward and reverse rotation, which meets the technical requirements of plate repairing.
The lifting table can easily load, unload and carry the workpiece, and the power transmission is completed by the ball screw, which improves the efficiency of loading and unloading.

The workpiece to be ground and polished is placed on the lower grinding disc, and the upper and lower grinding discs rotate relatively or in the same direction. The workpiece is rotated or revolved by the carrier of the central gear, and the pressure is applied to the upper grinding disc through the cylinder. The workpiece and the grinding disc Make relative movement and even friction to achieve the purpose of grinding and polishing the workpiece. 

Mainly used in optical glass, crystal, quartz wafer, sapphire glass, lithium niobate, gallium arsenide, ceramics, sheet ferrite, silicon wafer, valve plate, valve plate, friction plate, rigid sealing ring, cylinder piston ring, oil pump Double-plane grinding and grinding of metal and non-metal hard and brittle materials such as blades polishing.

1Grinding sizeΦ640mm*Φ235mm
2Maximum processing size202mm
3Processing thickness size0.3-50mm
4Disc speed0-60rpm
5Parameters and quantity of star wheelZ=108/DP12  5pcs
6Total power(kw/380v)6kw
7Barometric pressure0.5-0.6Mpa


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