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Circular Saw Blade Grinding And Sharpening Machine

Circular Saw Blade Grinding And Sharpening Machine

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The operation is simple and easy to learn, which can make novices become professional technicians in a very short time.
The saw blade materials that can be ground are: manganese steel Mn.
The outer diameter of the grinding saw blade is 250-800MM.
After strict production control, this machine only needs routine maintenance to ensure the grinding accuracy.

The technical field of CNC gear grinding machine and manual gear grinding machine specifically refers to a new type of electric saw blade gear grinding machine that can adjust the angle. The saw blade gear grinding machine uses a fixed motor and a grinding wheel combination to grind the saw blade. The structure of the gear grinding machine realizes the efficient operation of mechanical grinding saw blades. It includes a guide rail seat, a grinding wheel working device, a gear working device and a gear shifting device. The grinding wheel working device includes a transmission motor and a grinding wheel. The transmission motor drives the grinding wheel. Rotating, the guide rail seat and gear shifting device are installed on the workbench.

Saw blade specifications100-600mm
Tooth pitch5-45mm
Extraction speed0-55/min
Wheel speed2800r/min
Grinding wheel specifications150*32*10mm
Air pressure0.6mpa


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