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Centerless Grinding Machine

Centerless Grinding Machine

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The bed, high-strength dense-baked cast iron, two aging treatments, precision machining to ensure the high precision of the machine tool.
Grinding wheel device: overhang structure, bearing bush adopts multi-piece long bearing shell dynamic pressure oil film bearing (high stability).
Guide wheel device: double support structure, using double row cylindrical roller bearings or dynamic pressure oil film bearings, high precision. AC frequency conversion stepless speed regulation.
Feed: The guide wheel frame is moved with double V-shaped needle roller steel rails, and the servo motor + reducer is used to drive the ball screw transmission. The feed and compensation are combined, easy to operate and control, and the feed accuracy is high. The minimum feed is 0.001 .
Grinding wheel dressing device:Two axes: Servo motor ball screw drive is used for compensation and trimming, which can realize the trimming of step arcs.
Guide wheel dressing device:It adopts deceleration motor to drive ball screw or servo motor to drive ball screw to drive dressing.
Control system: standard Mitsubishi control system man-machine dialogue, feed, speed and time are all adjustable. (The system can be customized according to user convenience).
The machine tool cooling system is equipped with a paper filter or a magnetic separator.

The machine is widely used in molds, electronic instruments, precision machinery, auto parts, military industry and other departments. The large taper of the configuration greatly expands the processing range of the wire cutting machine, and is aimed at forming molds for plastic steel doors and windows profiled materials, aluminum alloy doors and windows profiled molds, auto parts, televisions, washing machines and other household appliances.

GrindingdiameterPlunge feed4~100(mm)
Grinding lengthPlunge feed210(mm)
Grinding wheel specificationsP500×200×305
Regulating wheel specificationsP350×200×203
Grinding wheel speed1250(r/min)
Regulating wheel speed10--200(r/min)
Swiveling angle of regulating wheelvertical-2~+5(°)
Lateral displacement of guide wheel frame
Servo feed0.001
Height from centerline of gri.wheel & reg.wheel to workrest255(mm)
(1) Grinding wheel motor3kw
(2)Regulating wheelmotor3kw
(3) Hydraulic pumpmotor1.1kw
(4)Coolant Pump Motor0.1kw
surface roughness0.32(Ra)


2Server DriverFeed1setMitsubishi

3Servo MotorFeed1setMitsubishi


5Ball screwFeedcustomize1Nanjing Process Equipment

6Guide wheel inverter3kw 320v1setHui Chuan

7A set of tools and special toolsQiu Jing


9Ball screw bearing1setHa axis


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