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Vertical Automatic Fin Aligning and Expanding Machine

Vertical Automatic Fin Aligning and Expanding Machine

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Patent protected technology for great efficient work, one worker can operate 3-4 machines.
High precision fin aligning with linear rail and servo motor control for zero fault work.
Optimized sucker system can take fin accurately and quickly.
Specially designed fin hopper for automatic feeding and up to 5 kinds of fin shape.
More than 25 parts has been optimized and upgraded during two years practice.

The automatic fin aligning and expanding machine is the up to date machine for no frost refrigerator evaporator fin and tube assembling work. Compare to traditional fin aligning manually, the automatic machine take fin by sucker and put fin in molds in exact position by servo motor control. With hydraulic pushing device to push aluminum tube into fin alignment with expanding, the aluminum fin will laminate on tube tightly for better heat exchange efficiency.

Tube MaterialAluminum Tube
Tube DiameterΦ8mm
Fin Thickness0.12-0.25mm
Number of Row2-5 rows
No. of Hole each row14 holes + 2 half-hole
Hole Pitch38.1mm
Row Pitch22mm
Fin Pitch5/7mm
Working Length100-600mm
Working Width419.1mm (Customized)
Fin Aligning MethodServo control + Sucker hold
Fin Expanding MethodHydraulic driven
Fin Expanding Speed200-400mm/s
Work Speed2 seconds each piece of fin
Hydraulic Pressure5-7MPa
Air Pressure0.5-0.7MPa
Dimension4900x 1200 x 1580 mm
WeightAbout 2200KG
Servo MotorMitsubishi/ESTUNJapan
Low-voltage apparatusSchneider/kazumiFrance/Japan
SensorPanasonic/Otto nixJapan/Korea
Pneumatic componentsAirtacTaiwan
Vacuum generator/suckerCKDJapan
Screw guidePMI/TBI /HiwinTaiwan
Safety gratingPanasonicJapan


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