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Spiral Fin Tube Winding Machine

Spiral Fin Tube Winding Machine

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Power: 1.5KW
Max Tube length : 6M
Max tube diameter: 50mm
Basic tube: Aluminum. Steel, Stainless steel, Copper.
Switch: Manual
Fin coil : Max OD diameter 600mm
Fin shape: L type
Speed: 40 Meters per Hour
Weight: 560KG
Dimension: 2100* 900* 1350mm

The winding process is adopted, the production efficiency is high, the sheet pitch is uniform, the heat transfer property is good, the wing ratio is high, and the base pipe can be protected from air erosion. The device can automatically spirally wrap the aluminum strip, roll it into an L-shape, and then wrap it around the steel tube or copper tube without wrinkles.


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