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Fin punching machine P14×10

Fin punching machine P14×10

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The spindle is centered. By placing the spindle in the center position, the force transmission components can be reduced to reduce the loss during the force transmission process; at the same time, the accuracy of the machine tool can be improved.
High precision. The flatness of the extreme position of the upper and lower die tables and the flatness during the movement of the die table are higher than those of the similar products, thus ensuring stable machine performance.
Automatic lubrication system. Designed with a unique automatic lubrication system to reduce machine wear.
Stepless adjustment. Achieve stepless adjustment, breaking through the limitations of traditional mechanical speed control gears.
Compact structure, easy to operate. Optimize the traditional structure to make the structure more reasonable and more convenient to operate. A unique mold height mechanism has also been designed to allow one to easily debug the mold.
High efficiency, low power consumption, and stable performance. The improvement of precision, the reduction of wear and the optimization of structure make the overall efficiency of the machine improve and the performance is more stable. In the case of sufficient punching, the machine uses a 3KW motor, which reduces power consumption and saves costs.
Easy maintenance and low maintenance costs. The optimization of the structure makes the parts of the machine tool the most compact, which makes maintenance easy and maintenance cost low.
Structured design. The structural design allows you to change a variety of machining dies as needed to machine fins of different sizes.

The fin forming machine is a special processing equipment for processing heat transfer fins, a key component of heat exchangers. Compact heat exchangers made up of such heat transfer fins have been used in a wide range of applications in the automotive, marine, air conditioning, compressor, construction machinery, mining machinery, aerospace, military and hydraulic oil cooling industries.

The machine inputKW4 / 5
Use electrical sourceThree-phase:380V:50HZ
Machine precisionUp an down dies level rate≤0.03mm
Machine bed hangs straight line process14mm
The machine bed strike force6000KG
Product SpecificationsFins(Tooth height×Pitch)12×10
Fin maximum width300/452mm
Fin maximum height12mm
Fin minimum height1
Fin tooth and high precision±0.01mm
Machine processing speedFrequency control35~120time/min
The noise sound value60Db(A)
Machine weight1500/1800Kg
Decoiller speed:0-5000mm
Decoiller running rate:0-20 times/Min
Coil inner diameter:150mm+/-10mm
Coil Max diameter:1400mm
Coil max width:450mm
Motor power:0.75 KW
Loading weight:1000KG
Servo cutter width:10-450mm
Cutting rate:60 times/Min
Cutting height:0-14mm
Air pressure:0.5-0.8mm
PLC :Mitsubishi
Touch screen :Delta


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