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Automatic Fin Alignment And Expanding Machine

Automatic Fin Alignment And Expanding Machine

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The whole machine adopts PLC programmable controller to realize a series of automatic actions such as automatic chip arrangement, automatic positioning, automatic tube expansion, automatic reset, and automatic demolding.
The equipment has a total of 5 layers of silos for placing different sizes of fins. Each layer of silos has two stations to meet the production efficiency of one and two. Each station has fixed flanges and movable flanges to ensure the position of the fins Accurate, equipped with a long cylinder pusher for easy suction mechanism to suck fins at the same position.
Adopts servo drive, reliable structure, timely and fast action response.
The expansion mechanism is equipped with a guide mold corresponding to the workpiece. The worker inserts two sets of aluminum tubes into the corresponding stations by using the guide plate tool and pushes the button off. The expansion mechanism automatically resets and moves to the corresponding position. The cylinder moves to expand the aluminum tube. Retracted after the fins were photographed.
After the completion of the expansion, the ejection mechanism rises to eject the workpiece, which is convenient for the worker to cut the material.

The Automatic Fin Alignment And Expanding Machine is a two-station automatic assembly machine specially designed by our company for finned evaporators. The equipment is easy to operate and has high work efficiency, which is suitable for mass production. The complete set of equipment is mainly composed of an automatic film arrangement system, an automatic expansion system and a mold.

The device uses a PLC programmable controller as the central control unit. The function of the device can be adjusted by modifying the program and parameters of the control software.

Servo MotorMitsubishi
low-voltage apparatusSchneider/kazumi
SensorPanasonic/Otto nix
Pneumatic componentsAirtac
Vacuum generator/suckerCKD
Screw guidePMI/TBI Hiwin/PMI/TBI
Safety gratingPanasonic
Control power380V, 50Hz, 3Phae (Customized)
Rated load duration12KW


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