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Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine

Toilet Paper Rewinding Machine

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The automatic paper reeling machine adopts pneumatic belt feeding, and the rewinding shaft and each base paper have an independent tension adjustment mechanism. Equipped with processing centerless, solid, and roll-up toilet paper, the switch between products can be completed in an instant. The machine adopts PLC computer programming technology to automatically spray glue, frequency control, edge sealing and trimming at one time.

1Mother roll widthless than 2200MM
2Sub-roll widthless than 2200MM
3Mother roll diameterless than 1200MM
4Sub-roll diameterless than 200MM
5Sub-roll mandrel modeautomatic coreless roll
6Sub-roll off machinemanual
7Embossing functionnone
8The maximum width of the whole machine3.5 meters
9The maximum length of the whole machine5.4 meters
10Working voltage380V
11Motor power5.5KW
12Mechanical line speed0-180M/min
13Machine weight2T


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