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Square Air Filter Origami Machine

Square Air Filter Origami Machine

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The working speed of the paper folding machine and the conveying speed of the conveyor belt are all controlled by a computer, which is easy to adjust.
The two functions of indentation and bubbling are completed on the same pair of rolls, and the roll manufacturing precision is high.
During production, users can set the temperature for folding paper according to their needs. After the paper folding is started, the heater automatically enters the working state.
This machine adopts a steam device to make the filter paper difficult to damage when the indentation is folded.
The glue melting speed is fast, and the amount of glue can be adjusted through the frequency converter.
The pressure control device is installed in the glue transfer circuit to ensure the safety of the glue flow circuit.
The temperature of the hose and the nozzle are independently controlled, which is easy to operate.
The filter element origami machine has good abrasion resistance and can withstand the pulse blowback of the air flow better than the traditional filter material. The filter material has good stiffness and can be cleaned repeatedly.

The filter origami machine is used in painting equipment, industrial dust removal, central air-conditioning duct cleaning, powder spraying, sandblasting, paint industry, wood processing filtration, etc. The imported long-fiber polyester filter material of the filter element origami machine, the fibers are interlaced and evenly distributed. The equipment can be used as a stand-alone machine, or can be combined with a cartoning machine and a cartoning machine to form an automated production line.

Paper shelfHot melt glue machine
HeaterBlind date
Steam deviceAutomatic counting
1Production speed5~25m/min (adjustable)
2Production rangeData90mm~320mm
3Fold height rangeData20mm~58mm
4Conveyor belt speed0~5m/min


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