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Hot Melt Glue Machine

Hot Melt Glue Machine

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Process technology control that melts on demand, maximizes the utilization of hot melt adhesive, reduces residual waste, and protects the adhesive performance of the adhesive.
The main control part adopts well-known brand components at home and abroad, with high reliability and strong anti-interference ability.
Man-machine interface, full touch screen operation.
The temperature is accurate to as high as 0.1℃, which can effectively reduce the carbonization phenomenon and save energy consumption.
Electrical machinery separated structure, better protection of electrical appliances, convenient mechanical maintenance.
High-performance connector, safe and reliable, good seismic performance.

The filter element works near the car engine. High-speed engines generate high temperatures, and the temperature passing through the filter element is as high as 80 degrees. This requires the filter element to withstand high and low temperatures. Hot melt glue machine can be used to spray glue to meet its requirements.The hot melt glue machine equipment sprays liquid hot melt glue on the filter element evenly, with firm bonding, convenient operation, improved production efficiency and quality assurance.

Specifically, the purpose of applying hot melt adhesive to air filter products is generally the folding and shaping of filter paper, the bonding of filter frame and filter paper, and the frame filling and sealing.

Maximum operating temperature200℃
Plastic bucket specifications2.5L
Number of insulation pipes and spray guns1-2


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