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Filter Automatic Sponge Sticking Machine

Filter Automatic Sponge Sticking Machine

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The system stroke meets the size range of the finished product: Max: 50x600100 mm Min: 200x250x15mm.
PLC control system, full Chinese interface touch screen, simple operation, screen parameter recording, display, alarm content, component operation monitoring.
Automatic cutting and bonding to achieve seamlessness, the maximum connection gap is less than 0.3mm, and the cotton-wrapped product is required to be flat around.
Program adjustment is fast, 95% of the machine adopts parameterized adjustment, which can adjust the baling parameters of different products.
The system has a storage function, which can store a variety of product data, which is convenient for data production.
Automatic induction and transmission operation, fast distribution output operator only needs to put the semi-finished filter screen (more than 5 pieces/time).
The operating cycle time is within 15S~30S/piece, including the time for operators to place materials normally.
The carrier is light, not easy to deform, and the scope of application is adjustable, adapting to the adjustment needs of products of different specifications.
System positioning and recognition are accurate, fast and smooth. Sponge is supplied in roll material mode, and the diameter of the reel is about 600mm (40m material).

The mechanical pressing and pasting process can store different work track graphics at the same time, and only need to perform simple selection operations, which can quickly adapt to different products. The equipment is easy to adjust and can be adapted to products of different specifications within a certain range without re-correction of the motion trajectory. The machine is widely used in the air filter screen in the process of making the air filter, using a sponge welt around the air filter screen.

Number of production1 each time
Drive methodServo motor, cylinder
The main materialAluminum alloy
Air pressure0.8mpa


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