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Disc Injection Molding Machine

Disc Injection Molding Machine

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Precise direct pressure mold clamping mechanism to ensure uniform distribution of clamping force and high parallelism.
The discs alternate around 180 degrees, with large operating space, convenient access to inserts, and high production efficiency.
Adopt the servo main system, save energy and electricity, improve production efficiency, increase product qualification rate, and extend machine life.
The use of high-performance, high-response, multi-functional industrial computer to improve management efficiency, operating the computer to monitor and collect data in real time, can remotely monitor the injection molding machine network management, a variety of computers are available.
The standard disc has 2 stations. If you have special needs, you can choose 3 or 4 stations to achieve more convenient operation, and make connection planning with automation to increase production capacity.
The standard disc is a vertical three-column direct pressure clamping, which has special mold requirements, and can also be matched with a vertical four-column direct pressure clamping.
Adopted packaging mode.

Injection molding machine is also known as injection molding machine or injection machine. It is the main molding equipment for making thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into various shapes of plastic products using plastic molding dies. Divided into vertical, horizontal and all-electric. The injection molding machine can heat the plastic and apply high pressure to the molten plastic to make it shoot out and fill the mold cavity.

We offer free training here in China. Also we can send technicians oversea for whole line installation and training. The relevant cost including Visa, insurance, round flight ticket, labor cost and accommodation should be borne by buyer.

The guarantee period is one year since the date B/L. During this period, we will offer free parts for changing if machine quality problem. Also the spare parts can be offered in original cost after that. The freight for part sending will be paid by buyer.

Screw diameter22-85mm
Screw speed0~300
Injection volume39-1582g
Injection pressure248-127mpa
Mold opening stroke200-400mm
Clamping force25-500t
WARRANTY:13 month since the date of B/L
PAYMENT TERM:30% down payment in advance,the balance before shipment
DELIVERY TIME:25working days after receiving down payment


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