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Graphene Calender

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The unwinding adopts double stations to automatically change the roll without stopping, which has high production efficiency and can adapt to the requirements of different coating surfaces.
The slit extrusion die has high coating precision, and the coating error is less than 0.5 silk. The coating head and the dry glue detection are in the same system.
The oven adopts a large arc design, and there is no gap between the two. Sections 1-12 use top air supply. The hot exhaust gas is circulated into the air duct after being supplemented with fresh air, which greatly saves energy and reduces the emission of exhaust gas; the temperature control of the oven adopts a digital temperature control system, and SCR is used for adjustable power control, which reduces the impact on the power grid due to high-power electric heating. impact. According to the needs of the production process, it can be adjusted to low power operation, thereby greatly reducing energy consumption.
The adjustment mechanism of the squeegee for sizing the copper tape conductive adhesive. The scraper can be quickly adjusted up and down, back and forth, and the elevation angle, which improves the uniformity of the coating.
The laminating compound is manufactured by our company's "Chaos Mixing Energy-saving Extrusion Technology Patent" which has won the Science and Technology Progress Award. It has the characteristics of low energy consumption, excellent extrusion efficiency, good plasticizing effect and high production capacity.
Precise tension section control system makes the substrate run more smoothly. Reduce staff configuration (3-4 people can be used for the whole machine).
Touch panel is cleat and easy for operation.
Two motors control two rolls which makes power stable and rotation more smooth.
Electrical parts are from Germany Siemens, more stable.
Sheet processed by full auto programmable control, separation distance ±1mm.
Unwind part and rewind part are in the two sides of machines.
Hydraulic cylinder is imported from UAS, high-precision hydraulic station, pressure is stalbe.
EPC system for both unwind and rewind part, keep material straight.
Main rolls are made of special steel, high hardness, high pressure tolerance.
Machine can meet the requirements of different technologies,we have different projects for different demands.
Roll precision tolerance:≤±0.002mm
Machine speed:1-15m/min(adjustable)
Roll effective width:50-400mm
Space between rolls:0-3mm(adjustable)
Roll size:Ø400x500mm
roll precision:
a.roll hardness:HRC66-68
single side hardness〉20mm
b.Roll cylindricity:±0.002mm
c.Roll finish:Ra0.02 um
d.Roll movement tolerance:±0.002mm
I.D. of unwind and rewind tube:3"
Machine size:4.8Mx2.2Mx2M
roll precision tolerance≤±0.002mm
machine speed1-15m/min(adjustable)
roll effective width50-400mm
Space between rolls0-3mm(adjustable)
roll sizeØ400x500mm
single side hardness>20mm
roll cylindricity±0.002mm
roll movement tolerance±0.002mm
I.D. of unwind and rewind tube3"
machine size4.8Mx2.2Mx2M
Equipment use:This machine is to coat the graphene conductive paste on the PET environmental protection polyester film, press the copper shut-off strips on both sides, and finally cut it into pieces after laminating with the PET film and low-density polyethylene by casting. to prepare for the next process.
Equipment structure:The graphene coating line is combined with the LDPE laminating compound line and the cutting machine to achieve the purpose of rational utilization of resources, energy saving, high automation, and high production efficiency.
Equipment composition:PET double-station unwinding, corona, traction, slit extrusion die coating, drying tunnel, online testing unit, copper tape conductive adhesive sizing and coating, copper tape unwinding, lamination It is composed of composite, ultrasonic edge banding device, trimming, cutting, conveying, transmission system, tension control system and other units.
Number of coating layers:The first layer of graphene slurry, the second layer of copper tape conductive adhesive, and the third layer of LDPE coating.


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