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Six-station Inner Polishing Machine

Six-station Inner Polishing Machine

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The work pressure for each station can be set separately.
Each station can set arbitrarily depending on the polishing material.
The polishing duration for each station can be set independently to meet the different polishing requirements.
Equipped with automatic synchronization wax spraying system, the frequency and capacity are adjustable.
Automatically counting and display for production output.
Manual or automatic control for fast switching, easy to debug.
Any failure will be display on computer screen, which is easy to maintain.
Equipped with Mitsubishi programmable controller (PLC) from Japan.

The six-station inner polishing machine is designed with rotary disc multi-station worktable, which could clamp five work pieces to complete rough polishing and fine polishing. It is suitable for mass production of different circular metal containers.

Worktable Size1750mm×22mm(diameter x thickness)
Worktable Drive Motor Power4.4kw (servo motor)
Station QuantitySix
Worktable Rotation Speed0-5r/min
Worktable Rotation Motor Power4kw with frequency converter
Polishing Head Quantity5heads
Polishing Motor Power7.5kw / 4kw
Polishing Head Spindle Speed2900 r / min
Polishing Spindle Diameter25mm
Polishing Wheel Diameter≤200mm
Polishing Wheel Width≤120mm
Max Workpiece Size320mm x 260mm
Max. Workpiece Weight50kg (including the moulds)
Polishing Compensation Motor0.37kw
Main Cylinder Size80x400mm
Polishing Wax SystemHigh pressure spray gun
Polishing Wax storageIncluded
PLC control SystemMitsubishi
Vacuum GeneratorSMC
Overall Size (with Dust Collection Room)7000 x 6600 x 2500mm
WeightAbout 15 Ton


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