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Dry Press 25TG

Dry Press 25TG

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The process of powder filling, molding, demoulding, and pushing out of the die for the pressed parts is all automatic and continuous.
The pressing stroke, top pressing stroke and filling height can be adjusted manually and have scale indications.
It has pneumatic preloading and protective ejection functions and adjustable force.
The density distribution of the green compact is improved by means of top pressure, and the stroke is adjustable, and the movement is accurate and stable.
With the function of over-filling, it can ensure that there is no overflow phenomenon and sufficient and accurate filling during pressing.
Presses are available in jog, single cycle, continuous and continuous operation with multiple stops per cycle.
It can realize the function of stopping pressure and maintaining pressure at the pressurization position of the hydraulic press, ensuring that the product has sufficient forming and exhausting time, and avoiding product stratification.
After selecting the vibrating feeding cam, the press can realize the reciprocating vibration feeding of the material shoe to ensure the stability of the powder filling in the concave mold cavity.
Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation controls the number of moldings per minute, and also has functions such as phase loss protection, over-current protection, and over-torque protection. This type of press can also choose mechanical stepless speed regulation to adjust the molding times per minute.
All the operating procedures of the press are displayed, controlled, set and adjusted by the encoder-PLC-touch screen man-machine interface.

The Dry press 25TG can automatically pour the powder suitable for forming into the mold through the material barrel, material tube, and material shoe, and then press the powder through the punch installed on the press, and then carry out the molding process on the pressed product. Automatic demoulding, automatic pushing out of the concave mold, automatic powder filling. All execution actions are automatically completed by the machine.

1Maximum pressure250KN
2Maximum release force200KN
3Upper punch stroke150mm
4Upper punch adjustment stroke60mm
5Filling height100mm
6Maximum pressing stroke65mm
7Maximum ejection stroke100mm
8Top pressure stroke70mm
9Die position adjustment25mm
10Maximum molding diameter90mm
11Forming speed10-25r/min
12Motor power5.7kw


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