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Multi-conductor Fiber Wire Cable Cutting Machine

Multi-conductor Fiber Wire Cable Cutting Machine

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The conveyor table is made of 2mm stainless steel plate.
Cutting capacity: round wire ф 2.0-12mm; flat wire 2.0-4.0mmx5.0-16mm.
Cutting line length range: computer control 600mm ~ infinity, arbitrary setting.
Line cutting accuracy: less than or equal to ± 3mm.
Take line way: push line.
Feeding mode: extruder linkage.
Use of cutting tools: imported high-strength cutting tools to ensure smooth cutting line.
Use horsepower: main machine 3HP sinee frequency conversion motor: cutter motor. Touch screen. PLC are controlled by Panasonic system and 2HP motor.

This machine can be used with the extruder to automatically track the speed of the extruder and cut the line accurately according to the set length. It is specially suitable for high-speed, high-efficiency, labor-saving and time-saving wire cutting working environment. It is the preferred equipment for cutting wire in the production of power line, plug line, etc.

Machine typeSmall wire type
Cutting capacityCircular profile: Φ4.0mm-Φ10mm Flat line thickness: 2.0mm-4.0mmx5.0mm-10mm
Min. Removallength600mm-99999mm
Cutting precision±3mm
Take- up type and Pay- off typeIron reel orcutting with extruder machine
Engaged powerMain machine 3HP frequency conversion speed regulation 1HP (conveyor)
Repudiated areaL7MXW2MXH1.8m (standard length)


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