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Automatic Peeling Machine

Automatic Peeling Machine

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Seven-inch high-definition large screen:The operation experience is good, and the Chinese and English menus can be switched on demand.
Imported high speed steel blade:The knife edge is finely ground, does not stick to the knife, and there is no need to replace the blade for large and small wires.
Straightening wire design:Belt-type wire feeding wheel + wire straightener, wire feeding is straighter and more stable.
Intelligent control system:ARM high-speed processor, controlled by microcomputer, can store hundreds of pieces of information and call them at any time.

Automatic peeling machine supports outer sheath peeling and core wire peeling of multi-core sheathed wires with an outer diameter of less than 16MM

1FunctionWire, cable, automatic cutting and stripping
2Wire typeWires, cables, PVC, etc.
3Stripping range1-30 square
4Cut length1mm-99999.99mm
5Peeling lengthFront end full removal: 1-190mm, front half removal 1-1500mm
The rear end is fully removed: 1-80mm, the rear end is partially removed 1-500mm
6Maximum diameter allowedΦ16
7Tool material2780mm
8Workbench height from the groundImported high speed steel
9Productivity (times/hour)2000 PCS/hour
 (depending on the length and size of the line)
10Feeding methodBelt feeding, no embossing
scratches on the cable


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