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Cosmetic Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier

Cosmetic Vacuum Homogenizer Emulsifier

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The lid cannot be lifted with a vacuum.
- Stirring cannot be started if the lid is raised or the lid is not in place when the lid is lowered.
Stirring, dispersing overload, or automatic shutdown of grid overvoltage.
When the steam pressure of the interlayer of the pot body exceeds the set pressure, the steam will be automatically exhausted.
The electric control system is equipped with an emergency stop button to stop immediately in case of emergency.
Self-adhesive safety signs are posted on equipment racks, electrical boxes and eye-catching places of operation.
The screws in the pot body have anti-falling measures (adding spring pads, adding pins, anti-teeth and other measures)

The main body of the container is welded by high-quality stainless steel plates. The emulsification process of the container is carried out under completely sealed conditions, which effectively prevents dust and microbial contamination. The automatic lifting pot, through the water into the pot, the pot material conveying pipe can be directly sucked into the vacuum emulsification pot, so as to discharge the material, because the rotation of the emulsification pot body can be a discharge type, and the internal electric heating tube is used to heat the sandwich pot to realize the material Heating, heating temperature can be set arbitrarily, automatic control, can also be used at the same time. Material granulation, emulsification, mixing, leveling, and dispersion are completed in a short time.

Stirring part
Motorthree-phase asynchronous motor, 380V, 50Hz (custom motor), power 2.2KW
Transmissionreducer and special gear structure transmission
Inverter2.2KW, digital display, stepless speed regulation
StirrerClockwise frame agitator (with PTFE wall scraper), counterclockwise multi-layer paddle agitator, two-way stirring interference movement; the scraper wall always sticks to the pot wall, sweeps the pot wall stains, and continuously generates new interfaces without dead ends , and improve heat transfer efficiency; two low-speed stirring shafts and high-speed emulsifying shafts are concentric and three-axis design
Rotating speedStirrer speed 0-80rpm/min
Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, digital display

Emulsified part
Motorthree-phase asynchronous motor, 380V, 50Hz (custom motor), power 5.5KW
Emulsifying homogenizerA new generation of emulsifying homogenizer, screw propulsion rotor, more powerful
A pair of rotating stators are precisely matched, with high processing precision and good shear emulsification effect
The emulsification shaft has passed the dynamic and static balance test and has good stability
SpeedRotor speed 0-2860rpm/min

Feeding and discharging
FeedingThe material is directly sucked into the emulsification pot through the conveying pipeline;
DischargeThe bottom of the emulsification pot has a discharge valve, which can be directly discharged (pressurized or pumped), or can be turned over to dump the discharge.

1Design volume250L
2Stirring power2.2kw
3Stirring speed0-80rpm
4Homogeneous power5.5kw
5Homogeneous speed0-2860rpm
6Heating methodElectric heating
7Specifications and quantity of the electric heating tube of the main pot20*350  2000W  6
8Electric heating power12kw
9Lifting method and power1.5kw
10Vacuum power1.5kw